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Solutions to Encourage Physical Distancing and Maintain a Safe Environment


Our diversified team is united by a common passion to continuously push the limits of what’s possible and provide our clients with a one stop destination.  That is why we have pivoted our business to provide you with a destination to meet all of your PPE needs, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Further to this, we can offer expert consultation to develop a solution that’s tailored to your unique store or workplace needs.  Besides supplying you with a vast selection of PPE products, our team can offer expert consultation to craft the roll out of professional signage to encourage physical distancing.  We will work with your team to ensure that your display and signage needs are designed to meet your specific brand guidelines and physical distancing requirements – all while maintaining a professional look and optimal experience for your customers.

Custom quotes are available for all of the products available on our site.

We would be delighted to consult with you on your next project.  Please email shop@verdeinc.ca or call 905-771-3773 Ext. 222 to speak with someone right away.